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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Our new Laundry Room (in USA)

 We just finished our laundry room remodel at the Coupeville house.  Originally we had two laundry rooms for the business, one room had three machines (two dryers and a top-load washer) and some nasty old brown cabinets that look like they had been salvaged from some older home. The second room had one additional washing machine and the sink, with more of those salvaged cabinets.

We tore all that out and since we didn't need the second top-load washer, we put in more cabinets for storage. We replaced the old plastic sink with an extra deep stainless sink. So this room has been transformed into all storage space. 

In the adjoining room, that had the three machines originally, we put new front-load washers/dryers and had more room for extra cabinets too.  We added a new countertop for folding the laundry.  The floors were also replaced and we completely removed all the old brown ceramic tile and replaced it with LVP. 

Here's a wide angle shot showing how the rooms are connected now with continuous flooring instead of the half & half floor we had before. . 


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