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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Food in UK, Part-2: Meat Flavored Vegetables

A lot of British fast food and snacks are very regional. Many of these foods were developed to feed local laborers as a way to get a bite to eat before or after work.  Take for example the history of the Cornish Pasty. These were developed as a handy way for the miners in Cornwall to grab a quick meal. There are many other very regional favorites and peculiar foods that came out of specific regions of the UK. We really wish we had time to explore some of these regional favorites on this trip, but the lockdown has dashed those plans. 

Instead we just spend more time at the local grocery stores, looking for regional flavors.  One fascination over here we noticed was that a tremendous amount of shelf space at the store is dedicated to the most obscure flavors of potato chips (crisps). For today's food update, we'll explore some of these specialties that you won't find back in the USA.   Many of these flavors are based on very specific meat dishes, yet are "approved for vegetarian diets". When was the last time you saw "crispy duck" flavored chips?


I tend to like strong or spicy flavors, so no doubt I snapped up these "Fiery Peri-Peri" crisps. Notice too that these have a 3-flame extra-hot rating. Don't let that fool you, these have nothing on the Flaming-Hot Cheetos we get back home. Spices tend to be very mild over here generally. 

Now sometimes these flavors seem a little too specific or too regional. How about that national taste treat of "Aberdeen Angus Beef & Suffolk Ale' hand-cooked potato crisps?  It's really a thing. Go ahead and just try to Google "best angus beef in UK" and you will surely see Aberdeen Angus come up near the top of the list There is probably nothing finer, but we wouldn't know, because all we could do is try the crisps so flavored. Again they are strictly vegetarian, no beef is used. 

Of course we already mentioned the famous Cornish Pasty that we did get to try last year on our trip to Cornwall. There are plenty of imitations everywhere you go, but everyone knows the original must be found in Cornwall.  For those who can't make the trip, this regional favorite is also available as flavored crisps. 

Now if you're in the mood for some flavors of breakfast, you'll find some "Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup" flavored crisps too. Becky's maple-glazed crispy bacon was always a favorite at our B&B. This version of the man-candy isn't quite as good, but may bring back some memories - strictly vegetarian. 

Now there are also some holiday favorites with limited seasonal availability such as this classic "Turkey & Stuffing flavor - yumm! 

Not to leave out the seafood lovers, we also found these yummy "Sizzling King Prawn" flavored crisps.

Now this is a serious food trend and I could keep going with plenty more examples.

If you noticed, most of these flavors are very much meat flavors, though no animals were harmed in their manufacturing. But just in case you wanted something with a bit more vegetarian influence, there won't be as many choices, but we did find these. 

What's your favorite flavor of potato crisps?