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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Quarantine Activities, Day 2

 So the travel is over and now the real fun begins, 14 day quarantine! This is a time of self reflection, wondering if we did the correct thing traveling during a pandemic, a time to make sure we didn't catch anything, and a time of boredom. David and I are people who like projects and a full day so this will be an interesting time for us.

 We are in a rental that we carefully thought through before coming. We knew that we needed a place that had room to move around, a kitchen to cook, laundry facilities and most important, an outside space! So far we seem to like our choice. Here is what we hope our day will look like. First, we wake up and look at what news came on our phones and tablets over night, we then proceed to the part where we complain about the world situation and talk out loud, maybe we hope someone is listening, on how we think all these problems could be fixed or resolved. So far no one has heard us. After this important step, we move on to talk about what food we can eat during the day and at what time. We have decided to try and only have two meals a day since our stomachs are still in another time zone and we have limited food supplies. Then, we do some stretches and resistance training and a few laps around the house and up the stairs. With the exercise out of the way we can move on to brunch. 

Today we decided to try our hand at an English breakfast, since we ordered the supplies for this breakfast from the owner of the rental ahead of time. We know that it should include sausage, bacon (that doesn't look like bacon), eggs (soft fried), some kind of cooked tomato, beans (luckily we didn't have the beans), toast, and we were also given mushrooms. Here is what we ended up cooking. We decided to save the so called bacon for another morning and only cooked the sausage. We had left over chips, or fries, from our first night of fish and chips, which we cut up an made hashbrowns. I heated up the tomato halves in melted butter, soft fried some eggs and made toast. The mushrooms will be saved for something else. All in all it came out pretty good.

Now for the rest of the day? Yes, I meant to put a question mark at the end of that sentence because it is only noon and what do we do with the rest of the day. We can sit by our window with our computers and write blogs, learn French, try and get our phones working, read books, talk to the grandkids, call our family, once they wake up, and just stare at the outside window and wish we could go for a walk Once I have completed all those important activities, I will probably read a good book, take a nap, fix more food, watch a bit of t.v. and dream about the time when we get to actually hold our grandkids and hug Kenny and Kim.  

- Becky