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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Day 6 of quarantine, small boundaries

 Well here we are, still in quarantine but almost at the half way mark. How are we doing? All things considered we are doing really well. Our rental has been a great place for this strange time. Right now our lives have very small boundaries. It starts at the front gates and it ends at the small bench in the back yard. 

Thank goodness David and I really like being together or this could be torture but as it is there are some very special moments. For the first time in a long time, there are no outside forces demanding our time. We don't have a business to worry about, no projects waiting to be finished, just us and our small boundary. I have had time to read some books on my list, review some French and I got a new phone so I spent some time trying to learn how to take pictures. Judging from the news, it sounds like most of us are going to have smaller boundaries this year. Thanks to technology, I am still able to talk to family and see my grandkids. 

So this blog I will just share some pictures from our small boundary.



  1. you're almost there! thanks again for the pics, I love the way you framed David in the tree.

    Like you said, we're all learning to live with smaller boundaries. Maybe this is a good time for internal reflection and personal attention. I've been really busy in my studio, but I know this will end in just a few weeks. I've rented us a little beach house for 10 days through the end of the year---sooooo looking forward to that little bit of isolation and downtime.

    I'll "see" you tomorrow! xoxoxo

    1. You and David are so good at making a home where ever you are...and making the most of life. We celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday and now have the rest of the week for projects and Christmas decorating. Looks like your having some good weather..glad you can. E outside! XOXO